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While others focused on achievement we focused on attendance. This keystone habit is critical in supporting 3rd-grade reading proficiency and raising graduation rates.
We have proven that informed parents make better decisions and improved attendance is the key to closing the achievement gap.

Proven Results

Our school district partners are out-performing the state.


  • 0.29% DECREASE in chronic absenteeism
  • While the state had a near 12% INCREASE
  • 9% IMPROVEMENT in chronic absenteeism
  • While the state stayed relatively flat at 0.5%

Closing the Gap

This is what it's all about. We want more kids to succeed. This chart represents the independently verified results from 21 school districts that have been on our program for seven or more years.

The gap between each ethnicity's graduation rate is DRAMATICALLY decreased with Attention2Attendance.

Resuls showing that The Achievement Initiative is closing the graduation gap.
Chart of improvement results across all grades

3-Year Results

Improvement in all types of absenteeism


The Achievement Initiative increased the learning time for all students but disproportionally increased the learning time for African-American and Hispanic or Latino students.

The end result is that on our program, African-American and Hispanic or Latino students are improving at a greater rate than white students. Their improved attendance is recaptured learning time across every absence type. That’s creating a culture of achievement starting with a culture of showing up.

Charts from the Attendance Institute’s student outcome analysis of the effectiveness of The Achievement Initiative show how we are closing the achievement gap.

K-3 Focus Results

This is where the achievement gap STARTS... and where it can be WON!


Attendance, especially in the early years, is inextricably linked to achievement. Being absent from kindergarten, even just a couple days a month, is associated with lower academic performance in first grade (especially in reading for Latino children) and lower achievement in fifth grade in reading and math. Attendance is critical when children are starting school. Parents need to know about the long-term effects of attendance in the early grades.

Children Reading the Holy Bible
Supports 3rd grade reading proficiency

Immediate Impact

Chart showing immediate improvement in grades K-3

The school districts with our K-3 Focus Campaign showed immediate improvements. After the first year of implementation:

  • Truancy rates decreased by 3.5%

  • Excessive Excused Absence rates decreased by 21%

  • Chronic Absence rates decreased by 45%


Chart showing K-3 continuous improvement attendance rates

The longer students were exposed to our K-3 attendance materials, the better the attendance rates.

  • Truancy rates dropped to 14%

  • Excessive Excused Absence rates dropped to 18%

  • Chronic Absence rates dropped to 3%

  • Also, the average number of days missed went down from 16 days to less than five days

K-3 Focus Campaign districts OUTPERFORMED non K-3 Focus Campaign districts. Independently verified results show years of exposure to the K-3 Focus Campaign materials to a sample size of more than 57,000 students from 17 diverse school districts.

saveRATE screenshot
54% saveRATE

saveRATE: Measuring Effectiveness

Remediation vs. prevention. Bias vs. systematic process. Both have costs that aren't just measured in dollars, but in student outcomes and futures.


Our process-driven attendance improvement solution works across all subgroups, well before students fall too far behind to catch up. We call our measure of effectiveness the saveRATE. This reflects the percent of students that did not require a second attendance intervention. The results demonstrate how well our solution works for all students.

    •  54% of all students
    •  53% of Hispanic/Latino students
    •  42% of African American students
    •  55% of White students

We're getting ground breaking results.


This is not another study or a small cherry-picked data set. It’s a proven, patented enterprise solution.
Our laser focus on improving attendance is making a difference for more than 2.5 million students. And this is a program schools just love to have.
Attendance reports with proven results

Our Co-Presenters

District partners and co-presenters
Continuous improvement model diagram

Our Process

School district success is our priority. Consistent results come from our six principles for continuous improvement that are built right into our software and service solution:

  • People

  • Process

  • Measurement

  • Oversight

  • Communication

  • Leadership


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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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