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Promoting School Safety


Students and teachers should feel safe at school. There is an urgent need for districts to take action and support their safe school environment.


Behavior Alert makes it easy to automatically track, and report risky student behavior, and notify your teachers regularly. With Behavior Alert, you can give your administrators one-click access to the tools, security and reports they need to protect your teachers and protect your district.


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Oversight & data analysis

  • Administrative and teacher dashboard views

  • Admin sees individual activity details and trends per school

  • Flexibility to send email reminders

  • Current Attention2Attendance partners link directly between the two software programs

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Automatic emails are sent directly to teachers

  • Private and secure notifications

  • Auto updates from the district’s student information system

  • Ongoing email notifications throughout the year for newly enrolled students or class roster changes

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Teachers stay informed about only their students

  • Teacher safety is a priority

  • Welcome and reminder emails

  • Student suspension or expulsion notifications

  • Any potential behavioral threat notifications

  • Current and prior
    three-year student disciplinary information, as required

Reporting Teacher Safety


Requirement: Notify your teachers
This is a basic requirement in most states and labor contracts. Stringent states, such as California, require that teachers be provided a list of their students who have been suspended or expelled, engaged in, or are reasonably suspected to have engaged in, acts of risky behavior from their previous three school years. Behavior Alert automatically does that.


Requirement: Part of School Safety Plans
In addition, many states now require that districts include the steps they are taking to notify their teachers of risky student behavior in their School Safety Plans. Behavior Alert already provides that.

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Contract Paper Signing

Lawsuits Against School Districts


When it comes to violence in schools, districts are vulnerable to lawsuits from teachers, parents and advocacy groups. The news is full of distressing lawsuit headlines. Ensuring compliance with Behavior Alert is like giving your school district another insurance policy.

Protection with Behavior Alert:

  • Teacher and student safety

  • Typically a contractual obligation within teacher union contracts

  • Document due diligence

  • A defensible legal position

Safety. Climate. Confidence.


Behavior Alert makes the notification and tracking process easy.

We are compliance experts. We take away the worry of meeting state requirements and the workload of compiling three-years of student disciplinary data. Teacher safety and student privacy are priorities. The steps you take now will protect your teachers and your district. Now more than ever, school districts are entrusting their teacher notifications to Behavior Alert.

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