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School Safety

Comprehensive School Safety Plan Review Report


Fast review. Added safety. This service is instrumental in streamlining the annual review and update of school safety plans.

People in protective gear

Are you prepared?


To help districts deal with the increase in threats and occurrences of violence in schools, we provide a full review of each school site’s safety plan to determine compliance and training needs.


For our Good Governance clients—there is no extra charge for this added layer of service and safety. For schools and districts we don't work with yet, we have individual school site or district-wide pricing.

We know that keeping children safe at school can simply mean being ready to handle an emergency.

Confidence starts with our Comprehensive School Safety Plan Review.

Compliance (confidence) check


Comprehensive School Safety Plan Reviews deliver exactly what individual K-12 schools and districts need to be in compliance.

  • Reports include a district summary along with a school site detail report for each school identifying content areas that may need additional attention

  • Checklist job aid provided for schools to use as they refine their plans

  • Sample content language is available

  • We offer individual school site or district-wide pricing

Analysing the Numbers

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