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Meet Us

Meet our dedicated team of innovators, educators, managers, consultants, designers, and school site specialists.

Welcome to our website.


We invite you to learn more about our products and services, our history and mission, and our proudest accomplishment of all: our people. Most of the dreamers, architects and builders of this success story have been with SI&A since inception.

We are a collaborative corps of hard-working, straight-talking, and service-driven individuals. We believe in education. We can help you, your students and their families achieve great things. 

We were founded in 2003, and have grown from our origins as the back-office facilitator for most of California’s school districts and county offices of education, into the creator of unparalleled products, most notably Attention2Attendance® (A2A), a patented software solution that decreases school absenteeism by as much as 25 percent—and works 100 percent of the time.

Before expanding outside of California, we started as a compliance company dealing with the complex and constantly changing climate of state regulations, economic recession, school funding priorities and politically shifting paradigms.


Today our signature product—The Achievement Initiative powered by Attention2Attendance—has created a new standard. Attention2Attendance will improve your attendance numbers, bottom line and, most important, your students’ lives. 

IT Development


This high-performance/high-energy team consists of application developers, software QA analysts, software engineers, network managers, data analysts, database administrators, product managers, and project managers. The majority of the team members have children in school or have themselves gone through the public school system, providing them with a genuine concern and understanding of the industry they serve.

IT Developmet

Full Service: Included

We know that software alone won't do it. That's why there's a service team the size of Texas built into Attention2Attendance. We're real people whose primary focus is to get you set-up, trained and using every aspect of our program. We work hard to make sure your school district gets the best results.

Our Affiliates & Partners

Our Affiliates


We're all over the place! Our team is getting the word out at all the major events. Join one of our presentations or find our booth... we hope to see you there!


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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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