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School Accountability Report Card

Parents have a choice.

Attract new families with the best SARC ever.



Schools find it more necessary than ever to market themselves. We are here to help! Our district partners are putting their best foot forward when it comes to competing with neighboring districts, charter schools and private institutions. Look no further for a better way to take care of your image with a custom SI&A SARC.

•  Save time and resources
•  Parent engagement
•  Image matters
•  Fully compliant
•  Translated by experts
•  Customizable options
•  Easy-to-read, attractive format


Pictures of SARC samples



New every year




Engaging graphics




Your school colors


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We make the process easy


  • Step-by-step guidance
    as you go

  • We’ll set up a timeline and production schedule so you’ll know what’s happening

  • Our easy-to-use questionnaire will guide you through what information is needed to complete your SARC

  • Translations by live professional translators

  • You’ll get to review the draft SARC prior to publishing

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Your message is more important than ever before

  • School choice has brought competition to K-12 schools

  • Attract families by highlighting your quality programs

  • An SI&A SARC is a powerful communication tool

  • Your principal’s message needs to be well-crafted and engaging

  • We provide extra guidance for crafting a dynamic communication piece

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The work is on us, not on you


  • We gather state-provided data

  • You can get immediate expert answers over the phone from any of our SARC coordinators and our live Help Desk

  • We are relentless about compliance assurance so your SARC will be compliant

  • We provide extra help linking your SARC to the state department of education

  • We'll stand behind your SARC during a compliance audit

A Classroom Lecture

Save time & look great.
Your school’s image matters.


The pressure to compete isn’t going anywhere as more schools push to attract families. Sign up for SI&A’s SARC service and position your schools as the best choice. Get your School Accountability Report Card done by SI&A.


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