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School district leaders love our software and service solutions. Whether they partner with us to improve student attendance or to train their staff on risk management practices, districts across the country have depended on us since 2003!

We are on a mission to improve student achievement across the country. We are closing the achievement gap in graduation rates—and we’re the sole source who can do it.

Positive Messaging Campaigns

The Achievement Initiative

Female Teacher during a Math Class

Creating a better path to supporting struggling students and keeping them in general education classes: Teacher tools, electronic team file sharing, data security and collaborative problem-solving.

Manage Pre-Referrals Before Special Ed


Our team of experts work to mitigate risk by ensuring compliance on a local, state, and federal level. More districts trust us with their safety and compliance.

Safety & Compliance

Risk Management Program

We're helping schools compete. In a world where image matters, our fully customized, time-saving, real-person translated SARCs are giving schools that extra something to stand out from the crowd.

School Accountability Report Card


Student achievement is inextricably linked to attendance. We are helping students recapture learning time through our patented attendance and conferencing management program.

Attendance & Conferencing System


Automated teacher notifications work to prevent student violence and promote safe school environments for learning.

Notification System

Behavior Alert

Basketball Players Listening to Coach

We know that keeping children safe at school can simply mean being ready to handle an emergency. That's why our compliance experts give each school's safety plan a full review.

Comprehensive Compliance Check

Safety Plan Review

Taught through real-world examples, our interactive leadership courses are helping Superintendents and CBOs apply Kouzes & Posners five practices of exemplary leadership in their school district.

Professional Development

Leadership Training

Service Team

We know that software alone won't do it. That's why we have a service component the size of Texas built into The Achievement Initiative. And yes, that full service is always part of the package.

We are creators of award-winning software and service solutions for K-12 school administrators. Our many innovative programs are helping to protect school district funding, mitigate risk in state and federal programs, improve student attendance and close the achievement gap.

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