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Successful Work Team

Core Competencies

At SI&A our core competencies—our true capabilities,
not our aspirations—are the following:


Software Creation, Development & Service
We pride ourselves on creating turn-key, precedent-setting software
—and backing it up with relentlessly reliable service.

Constant Improvement
To us, moving ahead and getting better mean the same thing.
Core Values and Beliefs

  • We behave, decide and act based upon what is in the best interest of the Company – No Silos

  • We take personal responsibility for our actions, decisions, behavior and work – No Victims

  • We like working here, if it’s not for you, that’s fine – Leave and find your happy place

  • We work with a sense of urgency and energy – Not later, NOW

  • We believe in high performance TEAMS – Not solo acts

  • We are all about improvement and for that to occur feedback is essential – Embrace it

  • We consider it everyone’s job to CREATE OUR FUTURE – Think, ideas matter

  • We are flexible, not afraid of change or challenge – It IS an attitude…

We have six principles that guide our work:


  1. Process
    We create and follow plans and systems—and while we know that process is necessary to set a course, agility is essential to succeed. Our clients appreciate how we take over the mundane while they get to focus on the mandatory.  We are all about consistency, timeliness and execution.

  2. Oversight
    Sometimes the best business advice is identical to the best barbecuing advice: Keep an eye on everything. While we have the confidence to collaborate, we also have the experience and self-assurance to take the initiative. We don’t get things in place then go on to the next project or client. Put another way, we’re here today and here tomorrow.

  3. Measurement
    We’re all about successful outcomes and tangible results. There’s nothing vague or ephemeral about what we do. If the numbers don’t work, we’re the first to admit it. (Or at least, we would be - so far, they always have.)

  4. Communication
    We work in the Sierra foothills, not in a vacuum and we don’t expect our clients to either.  It’s why we keep our clients up-to-date. Your employees need to know they’re on track, on time and on the way to success.  We provide candid, regular updates. We call, we email, we publish—in short, we communicate. We encourage your employees to set our parameters. We’ll talk to you as often or as occasionally as you prefer. You can reach us pretty immediately whenever you have a question, a concern or even … a compliment.

  5. People
    We build self-esteem along with software products. We understand the importance of recognition, so that your employees know they’re active participants in your success, not just bystanders. We also understand how people work so we make our software intuitive and easy to use. Nearly every employee survey on the subject says that the two most important things employees want at work are to be appreciated and to be included in things. We do that.  Our service model is filled with opportunities to make both of these a reality.

    We’re very proud of our software patent but even prouder of our people. Since our founding, we’ve managed to assemble—and even better, hang onto—the brainiest and the feistiest professionals from the tech, education and private sectors. When’s the last time you actually looked forward to chatting with, much less visiting with, an IT pro or consultant? Wouldn’t it be nice to invite people into your business life that you wouldn’t mind having over to your home?

  6. Leadership
    We debate, decide, commit and execute—among ourselves. Our clients benefit from our arriving on the scene fully formed—confident of our products and capabilities, ready to guide them through the solutions we’ve agreed on and to produce the outcomes we’ve promised. We simply don't know how to do less.

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