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IT Development

We don't build software for software's sake.

We are focused on outcomes.


Award-Winning Software

"The majority of the high-performance/high-energy team behind A2A have children in school and have themselves gone through the public school system, providing them with a genuine concern and understanding of the industry they serve.


They know more about the nuances of attendance than anyone in the country—"


We are plugged-in to the needs of K-12 school districts


This is a high-performance team of attendance experts who really care. Not only is our software easy to use; we have a 100% adoption rate within the first day of going-live. (Which is unheard of!)

  • Patented technology and processes

  • Enhancements and updates are free

  • Built on our core competencies of process, oversight and data that informs action

    • We measure outcomes and we change patterns

    • Clients love us because we make it easy

  • Our developers are education compliance experts

  • Our Data Analytics & Reporting and Service teams are second-to-none

  • We sync with any student information system

  • Data security is our number one priority

  • We DO NOT outsource—fully managed and maintained in the USA

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Software Creation, Development & Service


We pride ourselves on creating turn-key,

precedent-setting software

and backing it up with relentlessly reliable service.

And we're the sole source to do what we do.

IT and product development feedback loop concept

A short feedback loop equals continuous improvement


In our office, everyone is right down the hall: Software developers interact with our customer service team on a daily basis.

  • We nurture frequent cross-team collaboration
  • Our developer-service team proximity allows us to make changes, assess the results, and quickly repeat the process

  • We don't operate like a software-house

  • We understand the intent behind our clients' jobs

  • Focus groups and user feedback shape our product roadmap

  • We're driven to help our clients get results and achieve their goals

    • We're not here to just give them software

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data security

  • The security and privacy of pupil data and district information is our highest priority

  • We adhere to all privacy and security provisions under FERPA 20 U.S.C. 1232g as well as state education code security requirements, including one of the most stringent provisions, California Education Code Section 49073.1

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Stays In the USA

  • Made, managed and maintained in America

  • Equipment and data housing have multiple layers of security

  • All data is 3DES encrypted

  • Data is encrypted both in flight and at rest

  • N=1 redundant configuration data center

  • FM 200 fire suppression and VESDA control

  • 24/7/365 secured access and server monitoring

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Data Integrity

  • 1,700 automated data validation checkpoints are built into our process

  • Three independent teams monitor each district’s system for school site activity, accuracy, constancy and anomalies to ensure issues are addressed quickly

  • Our service teams provide data alerts and address most issues directly through the non-IT district contact

Agile & SCRUM Methodology


The values and principles of Agile and SCRUM match those of our organization. We are flexible and SCRUM gives us the ability to respond quickly to change.

  • People over process

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation

  • Collaboration: Individuals and interaction

  • Responding to change over following a plan

Continuous improvement year over year requires data analysis, measurement, refinement and solutions—this is how we get results.

Data anlysis process loop concept

Meet the ROBOT


  • It's our patented ROBOT that secures and automates data retrieval from any school information system (SIS). In other words, the world's most adorable robot is SIS neutral and won't bother district IT folks.

  • Our encryption and delivery mechanism integrates seamlessly with any SIS application, installs in less time than a Windows update, and “cleans up” the working directory after transmission.

  • One of its most lovable qualities? The ROBOT pushes product enhancements and updates (automatically and at no extra charge) as part of its “silent operation.”

Robot images imprinted on t-shirts

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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