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Working Here

We asked our managers to reveal, in their own words, what it’s like to be part of the SI&A team. Here’s what they said:


Human Resources Manager

“The first thing I noticed, and appreciated, when I joined SI&A is that they treated everyone as an adult. The company sets high goals for all of us but then lets us do our jobs.”


Korie joined the company in 2003.


Director — Operations

“Every day, I feel part of a fun, energetic, engaged, and productive team—that’s the culture and climate of SI&A. It’s easy to stay committed to client satisfaction, improving operational efficiency, and achieving our goals. There’s satisfaction in knowing we make a difference in student’s lives through the work we do.”

Brian has been with the company since its founding.


National Education Manager

“The best part of working at SI&A is having the autonomy to be the CEO of my own projects while working as a team. I enjoy the satisfaction of collaboration and problem-solving—but there's nothing more satisfying than hearing our clients say thank you, time and again.”

Erica came to SI&A in 2004.


Vice President — Marketing & Product Management

“What we try to do at SI&A is to bring people into the company that know things we don’t. I think that’s the main reason why, as a company, we literally accomplish everything we set out to do.”

Grace has been with the company since its founding.



Team Lead — Software QA

“Being a part of the SI&A family is pretty awesome! We’re trusted to do our jobs without much hand holding, giving us ownership and plenty of room to grow our skillset. The company knows how to keep us on the cutting edge of technology. There’s a feeling that we’re appreciated for making things work.”

Elbert has been with SI&A since 2009.


Good Governance Program Manager

“We have a lot thrown at us every day at SI&A—and nobody ducks! Even when it’s hectic, we always find a way to get the work done and get it done very well. The mantra is ‘Urgent: Yes. Panic: No!’ We’re deadline-driven, which means we don’t have a lot of ‘down’ time but when there is, it’s spent on improving how we do things.”

Mike has been with the company since its founding.


Director — Technology

“I pretty much grew up at this company. It’s where I learned that it’s not just a matter of doing your job—it’s a matter of doing it better. A couple of years ago we did an internal trade show. All of the departments set up booths to explain to everyone else what they did. Each presentation was creative and, even though the format was fun, very professional.”

Lexi joined the company in 2003.



Vice President — Operations

“In other companies, it’s almost like they want employees to have a sense of helplessness; here, people take ownership of their work. That makes it all very personal, in a good way. You should never join this company if you don’t want to grow.”

April has been with the company since its founding.


Senior Product Manager

“What I like most about SI&A is its growth opportunities. People want to improve and management supports that through training programs and other incentives.”

Christie has been with SI&A since 2004.


Director of Security & Infrastructure

“I've managed networks for large and small companies but what I loved about coming to SI&A was the openness. If you have an idea, you can tell it to someone who will not only give you honest feedback but also, if the idea is great, put it on the path to reality. To me, that's the SI&A difference.”

John joined SI&A in 2014.


Help Desk Specialist

“I think what makes this company so different from others I’ve worked for is the genuine spirit of collaboration. We have a ‘flat’ organization: anyone can talk to anyone else. That keeps ideas fresh and coming from all sides. We get to feel connected to the service we give our clients.”

Jaz has been with the company since 2012.



Supervisor — A2A

“After I was at SI&A awhile, I was talking to one of my friends who’d also gone to work for a big company after college. I mentioned a conversation I’d had with Jeff Williams and she said, ‘You mean you actually see your boss? At my company, all we have is a photo of the CEO on the wall.’”

Wendy has been with the company since its founding.


National Training Manager

“I love how the company knows and supports change within our own departments. New ideas create an environment of collaboration and growth. Every day, we help our clients cut through the red tape, so we make sure we don’t have any. That lets us build amazing relationships with our clients and together, change kids’ lives!”

Brenda joined SI&A in 2011.

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