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Our district partners say it better than we ever could...

Did you miss it? One of our district partners shares how they're leveraging an attendance management system to increase student attendance and reduce the workload on staff. Be sure to watch the full webinar, A Systems Approach to Increase Learning Time for All

Did you miss it? One of our district partners shares how they're leveraging data to make a difference in students' lives. Be sure to watch the full webinar, Insights & Data Tracking: Eliminating barriers to attendance and participation, Part 2

Our Partner in the News

May 23, 2023 - Published on by Jared Foretek

"Last week, Neall said the efforts were ongoing and that the division was continuing to roll out its “Attention to Attendance” program in 54 schools, prioritizing follow-up with families along with “multimedia attendance communication campaigns” and a particular focus on schools with high absences. Prince William County Public Schools includes nearly 100 schools."

More webinar clips...

Did you miss it? Learn from SI&A about the benefits of positive messaging, building good habits, and effective mailing habits, all of which can be easily managed with an AMS. Be sure to watch more clips from the webinar, Achievement & Stabilizing Revenue

More testimonials from our district partners...

“We have been working diligently for the past 7 years at attaining growth. A2A along with the support of the wonderful SI&A Staff have been a cornerstone of our success. Thank you and all your staff for all your LOVE, support and care in helping our community. Thank you for all you do!"

Phil Ortega

Attendance and Student Services

Eagle Point School District 9 

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