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  • John Franco

Webinar Shorts

Actionable Data: When you don't have to search for the issues, you can spend time focusing on the solutions. Districts need this kind of data that goes beyond your SIS.

Tier 2 Interventions: Conferencing data lets you put strategies in place exactly where students and families them, provide individualized support, and show your impact.

Data-Driven Interventions: Can you compare your chronic absenteeism to the national average? Data-driven interventions show that everything you've put in place to support attendance is making a difference in students' lives.

Data: Narrow Your Focus

Go directly to the data and narrow your focus: Isolate your support, see where the issues are and put targeted strategies in place to support your students.

You can watch the full webinar or just let us show you how easy it is to get started. Demo anyone? Schedule yours at 800-487-9234 or

We'd like to thank the Assistant Superintendent of Richardson ISD, Brenda Payne and Attendance Works Executive Director, Hedy Chang, for sharing their experience and expertise at our live (Jan. 27, 2021) webinar: Insights & Data Tracking: Eliminating barriers to attendance and participation (Part 2)

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