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Webinar Shorts

Clips from an SI&A webinar "A Systems Approach to Increase Learning Time for All," in partnership with Joliet Public Schools 86.

Workload Relief for Staff: How much time, stress, and money could you save for your staff by switching to an attendance management system? Dr. Rouse speaks to how having an attendance management system in place has proven to provide workload relief for school staff at Joliet.

Make Your Staff More Effective: Dr. McNeal explains that while there have been staff shortages, changes in staff, and changes in leadership - at districts and at campuses as well, what a systems approach to attendance has done for staff to give them the capacity to be more effective at their jobs.

Why Focus on Attendance During a Pandemic: Dr. Rouse speaks to how they needed a better way to look at their attendance data and how A2A, the software behind The Achievement Initiative, helped to makes sense of their data during a "crazy" year so they can move forward and grow.

Parent Outreach & Engagement: Dr. McNeal explains how the letters that were getting to families were increasing and improving interactions with them, while Dr. Rouse mentions how office staff were pleased that a system was sending out the letters for them.

Attendance Progress: Brenda Tapp explains the year-over-year performance chart in the first 31 days of school, showing Joliet's success in spite of the challenges in front of us now.

You can watch the full webinar or just let us show you how easy it is to get started. Demo anyone? Schedule yours at 800-487-9234 or


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