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  • Erica Peterson

Join us at Booth #1038 at CASBO 2023

The 2023 CASBO Annual Conference is just around the corner and we cannot wait to see friends and colleagues! Not only is CASBO a great place to participate in leadership development and technical training, but you get to see a whole bunch of solutions for problems that educators are facing today, like chronic absenteeism.

If you are a CBO, stop by our booth. If you are student services professional share this post with your CBO inviting them to visit our booth, #1038, and talk with us about SI&A’s revenue-generating programs that CBOs love, such as The Achievement Initiative and Good Governance. (You also have a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card just for stopping by and saying hello)

The Achievement Initiative is an attendance management system (AMS) that improves outcomes for all students. Built for today’s challenges and beyond, The Achievement Initiative is a multi-year strategic plan accelerator that changes absence behavior and increases student success. With a multi-tiered system of support, powered by our Attention2Attendance software and a continuous improvement model, The Achievement Initiative produces measurable results year after year: improved attendance, engaged families, and better outcomes for all students.

Behavior Alert! Protects your teachers and protects your students. Behavior Alter sends automated teacher notifications to help prevent episodes of violence and promote a safe school environment for learning. Behavior Alert makes it easy to automatically track, and report risky student behavior, and notify your teachers regularly. With Behavior Alert, you can give your administrators one-click access to the tools, security, and reports they need to protect your teachers and protect your district.

Risk Management Program - Good Governance is a fiduciary responsibility. Districts trust their mandated cost reporting to our compliance experts. Our team of Program Advisors work with our school district partners to mitigate risk by ensuring compliance on a local and state level. We leverage expert independent third-party reviews, customized Ed. Code training, and process documentation protocol. We’re helping create the best environment possible for K-12 students.

See you all next week in Long Beach!


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