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3 Steps to Close the Graduation Gap


Due to the pandemic, over the past three years, educators constantly shifted educational delivery methods. It will take 3-5 years of concerted effort to restore confidence and trust in public education. Educational leaders need to return to their roots as teachers and facilitate new dialogues reinforcing the benefits of public education to our stakeholders. 

Step 1: Back to Basics

Showing up every day is foundational – both a skill and a habit – which must be nurtured and reinforced resulting in:

  • Increased student learning time

  • More students meeting early literacy goals

  • Increased graduation rates

  • Higher reclassification rates

  • Increased parent/guardian engagement

  • Decrease in dropout rates

  • Reduction in school discipline incidents

Step 3: Create a Culture of Accountability

By June 2021, most educators felt they “did not have any more bandwidth for anything new.” Our students were at that point, too. Expecting students and teachers to return and put in even more time is missing the point. Superintendents should instead focus on rebuilding attendance habits that emphasize “showing up” in all communications.

LEAs who implement a structured Attendance Management System to track results with data - and uses that data to inform, will be better positioned to restore confidence in public education within their community.

Step 2: Educating Parents and Students on the Importance of “Showing Up"

Traditional attendance monitoring is mostly reactive; parent notifications begin only after students miss school and trend toward chronic absenteeism. They tend to be negative and do not connect with all students and families. Superintendents can change this narrative through a targeted approach of ongoing, proactive messaging that provides encouragement, relevant grade-span information and strategies for student success


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Built for today’s challenges and beyond, SI&A's Attendance Management System (AMS), The Achievement Initiative, is a three to five year strategic plan accelerator that changes behavior and increases student success. 

With a multi-tiered system of support and a continuous improvement model, The Achievement Initiative produces measurable results year after year.

  • Improves attendance.

  • Creates better outcomes for all students.


Equity is built into the process.

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