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Why AMS #6: Saves you time & money

Part 6 of a 7-part series: 7 reasons why K-12 education is investing in an Attendance Management System (AMS).

Attendance Management System users report increased efficiencies and time savings using AMS interventions and supports. Funding tied to enrollment and attendance is enhanced. An effective AMS is revenue positive, helping stave off cuts to the classroom in lean budget years.

In a time where budgets are being squeezed and one-time Federal support is ending, the CFO is looking for ways to accurately predict revenue and track students effectively. For most districts, an improvement of just one student per school can make for a full Return on Investment (ROI) on an AMS.

We know absences have an impact on academics, as an example, here is how it can impact the budget for a school district of 37,600 students. For each 1% of average daily attendance generates $13,912 a day for the district. If 1% is recovered for 5 days that is $69,560 or 1 new teacher with benefits.

Click here to learn more about what an effective AMS can do for your district.


In our final installment next week, learn why an AMS produces better student outcomes.


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