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The Power of Actionable Data Tools

To identify and address students who are off-track, Dr. Josh Randall, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for the Sulphur Springs Union School District, utilizes the reports he and his team get out of the Attention2Attedance (A2A) system.

"If you’re collecting your own data and you don’t have a good system to really get this good, disaggregated data, you might take a cursory look at our chronic rate and say, okay, we’ve reduced it. We’re good. We’re going in the right direction. But when you look at a chart like this [A2A report: Chronic Absence Rates of Change by Ethnicity], you see that the reduction is not even across the ethnicities.”

With the challenges facing districts today and in the coming school year, it will be fundamental that they have the best data tool to support student attendance.

“One thing that good data does,” explains Dr. Randall, “Is it allows for rich conversation. It allows for dispelling excuses, right? It allows to really get at the heart of the matter and then have an honest conversation about what to do next.”

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