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  • John Franco

saveRATE: Measure of Effectiveness

No matter how amazing the programs or the curriculum a school district has in place—we cannot teach a student who is not there.

Lost learning time directly—negatively—effects student outcomes. We know that allocating the majority of resources to remediation vs. prevention has costs that aren't just measured in dollars, but in grades, reading abilities and futures.

We can get out in front of student absences before they become insurmountable. (And we can prove it!)

Our process-driven attendance improvement solution works across all subgroups—tier-1 interventions that work well before students fall too far behind to catch up. We call our measure of effectiveness the saveRATE. This reflects the percent of students that did not require a second attendance intervention. The results demonstrate how well our Multi-Tiered System of Supports works for all students.

  • 54% of all students

  • 53% of Hispanic/Latino students

  • 42% of African American students

  • 55% of White students

But there's more to the story. Take a minute to get all the details. Call or email to schedule your demo today!

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