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  • John Franco

Legislature Proposes School Attendance Changes for 20/21

The Legislature is working on putting the finishing touches on the 2020/21 Education Trailer Bill. Below are two significant proposed changes that we’d like to highlight:


For the 2020-21 school year, compulsory education requirements for students to attend school would continue to be in effect, LEAs are still required to offer 180 days of instruction and are required to offer in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible.

In addition, districts will be required to:

  • Document daily participation for each student on each school day or part of the school day that distance learning is provided -- Daily participation can include but is not limited to evidence of participation in online activities, completion of regular assignments, completion of assessments, and contacts between district employees and students/parents/guardians

  • For each day/part day of distance learning, complete a weekly engagement record for each student that: -- Documents whether instruction is synchronous (all participants are present at the same time, live interactive classes) or asynchronous (all participants don’t have to be present, instruction is self-paced, may include prerecorded videos with guided support) --Verifies participation level -- Tracks assignments

  • Students who do not participate in distance learning or in-person instruction would be deemed absent and this information would be used to report chronic absenteeism rates in its LCAP

  • Develop tiered reengagement strategies for students absent from distance learning more than three school days or 60 percent of the instructional days in a school week. These procedures must include: -- Verifying student contact information -- Daily parental notification of any absences -- A plan for student outreach to determine student needs such as health and social services and when feasible, transitioning the student to full-time in-person instruction

  • (Schools) regularly communicate the student’s academic progress to parents


By September 30, 2020, each governing board would be required to adopt a district-wide and school-by-school learning continuity and attendance plan. This will replace the LCAP in 2020/21. A template will be provided by the CDE by August 1, 2020.

The plan must include specified information about the instruction that will be provided to students in the 2020-21 school year.

The plan must include a description of how the school district will provide continuity of learning and address the impact of COVID-19 on students, staff, and the community in the following areas, and the specific actions and expenditures the district anticipates taking to address the impacts of COVID-19:

  • In-person instructional offerings and the actions the district will take to offer classroom-based instruction whenever possible

  • Plans for a distance learning program

  • How the school district will address pupil learning loss

  • How the school district will monitor and support the mental health and social and emotional well-being of students and staff during the school year

  • What professional development will be provided to staff and what resources will be provided to pupils and staff to address trauma and other impacts of COVID-19 on the school community

  • Pupil engagement and outreach

  • School nutrition, including how the school district will provide meals for pupils eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

Once written, the plan would need to be presented to the parent advisory committee and the English learner parent advisory committee for review and comment before final adoption by the governing board during a public meeting.

Please know that if you need assistance or guidance in the area of attendance, communication or data tracking, we are the experts and are happy to help. Feel free to contact me!

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