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Mandate Block Grant Application Now Available for 2019/20

The Mandate Block Grant (MBG) Application for 2019-20 is now open.

Participation in the block grant is an annual decision. All school districts, County Offices of Education, and charter schools wanting to participate in this year’s block grant can sign up through August 30th.

Payments are based on prior year’s P2 ADA with funding anticipated to be distributed in mid-November:

  • School districts receive $32.18 per K-8 ADA and $61.94 per 9-12 ADA.

  • COEs receive the same rates as school districts plus an additional $1.08 per countywide ADA.

  • Charter schools receive slightly less funding than school districts. If your LEA has charter schools, each charter school must sign up individually in order to participate.

How to apply:

The following link will take you to MBG application on CDE's website:

2019-20 MBG Application

  • Enter your password from last year and select “Logon” to get to the application page

  • If you don’t have a password, select the “Request Password” button

If you have any difficulties in signing up, you can contact CDE at mandate@cde.ca.gov or 916-327-0538.

Until next time,

Mike Brown, Good Governance Program Manager



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