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  • John Franco

Happy New Year 2020

Keeping you in the loop: Here's the latest as we head into the new year!

New Mandate

  • On November 22. 2019, the Commission on State Mandates (COSM) approved the Public School Restrooms: Feminine Hygiene Products test claim.

What's the Requirement?

  • Beginning January 1, 2018, schools maintaining any combination of classes from grades 6 to 12 that meet the 40-percent pupil poverty threshold, shall stock at least 50-percent of the school's restrooms with feminine hygiene products at no cost to pupils.

Next Steps?

  • If you’re a current client, your Program Advisor will be reaching out to you early January to set up a plan to collect the documentation needed to file the claim.

  • If you’re not a client and would like more information on the specifics—call me, we can help!

Until next time,

Mike Brown, Good Governance Program Manager