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  • Erica Peterson

Do you know about Behavior Alert?

What we know—Since the inception of COVID there has been an increase in student behavioral issues. Teachers are struggling and Parents have lost confidence that students are safe while at school.

Question—Have you provided your Teachers and Administrators with the Mandated Student list of those with current and prior year (back 3 years) suspensions and expulsions? Yes, it is important and required (Education Code 49079). Districts find doing this on their own is extremely time-consuming and oftentimes, when and if done, is not in compliance with the State mandated requirements of being TIMELY & CONFIDENTIAL.

We are working with our current partners to help ensure safety is a priority and now is the best time to have us help you with this important notification process.

Benefits of our Behavior Alert services include:

  • Easy process for Teacher notification

  • Administrators provided one-click access to the tools they need and the reports they should have—like the Incident Summary Report and the Teacher Notification Reports.

  • Useful reports and data to help with State suspension/expulsion reporting requirements

  • Reports for trend analysis to find solutions to reduce student acts of violence

  • Current Attention2Attendance partners link directly between the two software programs making it easy to use

Know they’ve been informed. Protect your teachers, protect your district.

Contact SI&A anytime to review details or answer any questions about Behavior Alert.


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