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  • John Franco

Conferencing Data: Motivate, Intervene, Connect

"At a district level," explains Dr. Josh Randall, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for the Sulphur Springs Union School District, "Conferencing in Attention2Attedance (A2A) really provides the district a way to standardize that kind of formal communication with families to ensure that there are meetings being held with every single family that's struggling with attendance."

Knowing that they need students there to teach, the Sulphur Springs Leadership Team enabled themselves and their staff with a multi-tiered approach that includes actionable data, interventions and an automated way to have conferences with families.

"Talk about a motivator," Dr. Randall says about his district's Parent Meeting Effectiveness results. "Seeing that when you make that effort to intervene, those same students—you see better attendance come from."

Agree with you, we do! Want to learn more about this amazing conferencing data tool?

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