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  • John Franco

Chronic Absenteeism: Who was least impacted?

Although chronic absenteeism dramatically increased last year, our clients out-performed other districts.

The Achievement Initiative is built with the agility and flexibility to respond to major changes. We quickly enhanced code and reporting capabilities, but the rest of our processes and positive communications were already in place to help our district partners meet (and anticipate) the unexpected challenges of an unprecedented year.

With accurate data, timely interventions and a consistent process through our software solution, our district partners are outperforming state and national averages. The chart below is from a recent data report we prepared for a district partner.

The Achievement Initiative is an attendance and conferencing management process that is embedded in a multi-tiered system of supports. With Attention2Attendance (A2A) as its powerful data-driven foundation, The Achievement Initiative sends preventative interventions with targeted levels of communications based on individual student needs. We're helping districts create a culture of achievement starting with a culture of showing up!

We're looking for school districts who want a preventative, pro-active process that's made easy by our award-winning software solution, VIP service team and years of expertise in attendance management.

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We are creators of award-winning software and service solutions for K-12 school administrators. Our many innovative programs are helping to protect school district funding, mitigate risk in state and federal programs, improve student attendance and close the achievement gap.

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