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Stop Quiet Quitting in Schools

Q: With record staffing shortages in school, how should districts support their teams and manage student engagement and attendance outreach this year? 

A: Districts should take a systems approach to address attendance this year. A systems approach solves a multitude of problems. Here are three reasons:

  1. By design, a systems approach operates uniformly and consistently. The response to absences should be the same across all school campuses. There should be little subjectivity when it comes to attendance taking, absence coding, and intervention thresholds/responses at the Tier 1 level.  New hires, shifting existing personnel into new roles, and hiring temps or subs without a strong system in place will introduce unreliable data, the opportunity for bias, and resultant disproportionality.  

    Attracting staff involves the overall student performance in the district. Focusing on systems that increase learning time are critical to improving student performance.

  2. A system that utilizes technology and automation to ensure the work of attendance management still happens even when a staff member is out, will be a necessity during the opening of school.  A completely personnel-dependent system will stop when people are out and we know there will be gaps this fall. 

    No employee ever said, “I want my work to be as time-consuming and as cumbersome as possible.” Strong systems that provide automation and manage workflows foster retention making staff feel capable.  

  3. Finally, systems produce the results they are designed to produce. Systems must be easy to implement and understand. If systems are hard to implement, labor-intensive, or difficult to follow people simply won’t do them-- or at least not well. 

The Achievement Initiative attendance management system (AMS) uses a systems approach that’s easy to implement, relieves overwhelmed staff, and increases learning time for all.


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Built for today’s challenges and beyond, SI&A's Attendance Management System (AMS), The Achievement Initiative, is a three to five year strategic plan accelerator that changes behavior and increases student success. 

With a multi-tiered system of support and a continuous improvement model, The Achievement Initiative produces measurable results year after year.

  • Improves attendance.

  • Creates better outcomes for all students.


Equity is built into the process.

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