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  • Erica Peterson

September is Attendance Awareness Month

September marks a new school year and Attendance Awareness Month in districts across the nation. We are excited to reinforce the message that student success starts with showing up, ready to learn.

While we know that this school year is fraught with new challenges, we also know that as educators we always find a way. It is in that spirit SI&A hosted a best practices webinar last week in partnership with our friends at Student Support Services Solutions (S4). In the webinar, we discuss practical steps districts should implement now and in the year ahead.

Additionally, we share how we are helping districts with tracking and visualizing data as students move in and out of quarantine, documenting barriers to attendance, and measuring intervention effectiveness.

You can watch the full webinar here.

Sound off: Tell me what your district is doing to promote attendance for Attendance Awareness month. Email me at


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