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  • Erica Peterson

Getting Ready for WASBO 2023

We are excited to share our much-needed solution to the attendance crisis next week at the 2023 WASBO Annual Conference.

Our presentation at the conference, Focusing on Student Attendance is Everyone’s Business, will be on Friday, May 5th (Happy Cinco de Mayo) at 8:40 am in Room 102 and will highlight the revenue-generating program that CBOs love, The Achievement Initiative. Through the Achievement Initiative, school districts can not only increase the communications they have with both parents and students but increase the number of days and hours students are in class too.

If you are a CBO, stop by our booth. If you are student services professional share this post with your CBO inviting them to visit our booth, #11 (You also have a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card just for stopping by and saying hello)

The Achievement Initiative is an attendance management system (AMS) that improves outcomes for all students. Built for today’s crisis and beyond, The Achievement Initiative is a multi-year strategic plan accelerator that changes behavior and increases student success. With a multi-tiered system of support, powered by our Attention2Attendance software and a continuous improvement model, The Achievement Initiative produces measurable results year after year: improved attendance, engaged families, and better outcomes for all students.

See you all soon in Spokane!


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