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Our district partners say it better than we ever could...

“We have been working diligently for the past seven years at attaining growth. A2A along with the support of the wonderful SI&A Staff have been a cornerstone of our success. Thank you and all your staff for all your LOVE, support and care in helping our community. Thank you for all you do!"

Phil Ortega
Attendance and Student Services Supervisor
Eagle Point School District 9

“A2A improved our district's attendance percentage rate the first year we began using it and has maintained the constant percentage or raised it each year. Our clerks LOVE the hands-on training and assistance of the friendly consultants, and the reports are quite motivating when received.”

Independent School District
Attendance Supervisor

“A2A saves so much time when it comes to sending out truancy letters and scheduling conferences. What used to take me an entire day pretty much (to consolidate information, type and print letters, stuff envelopes and put in the mail as well as scheduling dates for meetings, etc.) is now completed in less than 30 minutes. At the beginning of the year, we are able to coordinate our school calendar with SART dates and everything goes off without a hitch. LOVE this program! It has made my job so much easier and calling for assistance when needed is easy and expeditious.”

Unified School District
Attendance Assistant

“Attention2Attendance has been a tremendous help in the monumental task of our school’s attendance keeping as far as truancy related issues. We have 2,700 students in our large high school and this program enables us to stay on top of keeping track of all truancy issues. In regards to attendance, we are also very appreciative of SI&A’s staff support. If ever a problem occurs they are right there to assist with a positive approach!”

Unified School District
Attendance Clerk

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An AMS rebuilds school-going habits to rebuild school connectedness

Short clip from an April 2022 SI&A webinar

Send Positive Communications in the Summer

Don't let communications with your students and families end with the school year. Build a new kind of relationship with them that shows you care, you believe in them, and you're here to support them, with these positive communication pieces that we will send out on your behalf.

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