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  • Erica Peterson

CASBO + SI&A Present Leveraging Attendance Data to Engage Students

FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Chronic absenteeism has spiked during the pandemic, affecting local education agencies’ ability to meet students’ academic needs while facing financial implications.

To help you understand what can be done to mitigate the effects of absenteeism on your LEA, as well as reengage students and their families, we’ll be conducting a webinar with our trusted partner and expert to provide you with guidance on this complicated topic!

Listen in to this recorded session with School Innovations & Achievement National Education Manager Erica Peterson, who discusses:

  • Strategic thinking principles for attendance management,

  • Best practices for addressing chronic absenteeism, and

  • System changes you can implement to reengage your students and families.

Download the presentation PDF here.

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