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  • Erica Peterson

The best defense is a good offense

The concept of a marketing plan, once reserved only for businesses and corporations, is now something that every school district should have.

The divergence of opinions on COVID-19 mandates like mask wearing, school closures and lockdowns have given rise to an unconventional opportunity for private schools and other alternative education programs to double down on student recruitment efforts. And their efforts seem to be be working if the current dip in nationwide public school enrollment is any indication.

I recently interviewed Moreno Valley Unified School District assistant superintendent, Susana Lopez, for an upcoming conference workshop. She talked about strategies from the MVUSD playbook: Communication is key. Lopez shared insights as to what information her district is communicating with parents and the community, “We have to sell our schools, we have to sell our programs.”

Check out her full answer in this video.

View the full presentation at CASBO's Annual Education Conference on April 8, 2021.

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