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School Innovations & Achievement (SI&A) is excited to announce Dr. Tony Wold as our CBO in Residence


EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA - School Innovations & Achievement (SI&A), makers of The Achievement Initiative—the nation’s leading Attendance Management System (AMS)—announces Dr. Tony Wold as Chief Business Official (CBO) in Residence. Wold, a well-respected education leader, has served as an Assistant Superintendent, CBO, labor relations negotiator in human resources, special education teacher, assessment and instructional design administrator, as well as being a part of multiple technology innovations and SaaS supports for schools.

Having led a large school district through the pandemic, Wold is well suited to help school districts reestablish good attendance habits through SI&A’s proactive, targeted tiered approach of messaging: The Achievement Initiative.

“As CBO in Residence, SI&A leverages Tony’s deep knowledge of school operations to bolster our award-winning attendance management system, as well as better support school districts to implement SI&A’s Achievement Initiative,” says Susan Cook, COO of SI&A. “Tony brings a level of education operational understanding that will help SI&A to better support school districts with all aspects of our suite of products. At a period when time and human resources are in short supply, our SI&A clients can feel comfortable knowing that we have someone who has done the work supporting them.”

While the issues surrounding absenteeism and declining enrollment are complex, Wold provides systemic strategic leadership that is collaborative, results-oriented, and student equity focused. “I believe that school administrators are responsible for continuing to build up the capacity of staff. After mentoring prospective CBOs through the University of Southern California’s School Business Management Program, I was looking for an opportunity to support even more educators beyond a single district. Because of their exceptional client service support, SI&A has been a valued partner for me as CBO in each of my previous three school districts. It was serendipitous when the opportunity to work with SI&A came at a time when every district in America needed to implement proactive messaging to restore good attendance habits. SI&A is the only Attendance Management System provider that communicates with all students and families, not just the ones who are chronically absent; and that is a game changer and the place I want to be,” Wold said.

The announcement of Wold’s hiring comes on the heels of the California Department of Education’s April 2022 announcement of SI&A as the provider of chronic absentee data analysis reports.

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