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  • Tony Wold, Ed.D.

Register Now: How CBOs Can Support Improved Achievement & Address Learning Loss

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The past two years have seen a dramatic shift in the narrative and optics of public education. Mandates related to health and safety and pandemic protocols became a lightning rod for public debate. The etiquette of board meetings deteriorated, and the many LEAs found it challenging to return to a focus on student achievement. As we open the 2022 – 2023 school year CBOs and Cabinet leaders are faced with spiking new variants (BA.4 & BA.5); rampant Inflation (over 9.1% in June alone); influxes of new one-time funding; as well as the pressures of a labor shortage in key areas. Compounding this is the change in attendance behaviors of students, especially those in TK-3 grade spans, where the lower ADA and enrollment trends from the past two years are continuing as are the warning signs of a recession on the near horizon.

With the inclusion of the 3-year averaging of ADA, LEAs will be funded on the higher 2019-2020 ADA (with the past year likely adjusted to the traditional ADA rate to mitigate some of the loss). For the next two years, however, that highest year will fade out and the potential of a fiscal cliff is imminent—unless the lower ADA trends can be reversed.

CBOs have the opportunity to directly support district climate and support increasing revenue simultaneously. Join Dave Ostash, Jessicca Rodgers, and me for a lively discussion on what’s required from a CBO to lead the way out of the current negative environment, restore faith in public education with both internal and external stakeholders, and put the focus back on our core mission of education.

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