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  • Erica Peterson

Embrace the Ugly: Chronic Absenteeism Surges

In Tuesday's webinar, co-hosted with Hedy Chang, Executive Director of Attendance Works, SI&A released the first data report on California's chronic absenteeism, a report requested by the California Department of Education. On average, across 33 diverse school districts serving 330,000 students, data showed nearly one in five students have missed 10 percent of school so far this year.

Albeit disheartening to see the pandemic's impact on education, there are strategies districts can put in place to identify why students aren't attending and adjust interventions to meet individual needs.

Watch the webinar to learn more or read this article By Linda Jacobson, writer for T74.

My goal is to give every school district immediate support with critical data and engagement strategies to raise student outcomes. How's the data looking in your district?

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