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  • Erica Peterson

Bold, Brazen and Bougie

I was asked a couple of weeks ago if my life were a book what would the title be. I answered, “Bold, Brazen and Bougie.” If you’ve met me, you hopefully chuckle at the title and nod in agreement. If you haven’t met me in person, let me just tell you that I’m pretty outspoken and a little bit fancy. So when ringing in the New Year, sparkling wine is not optional, it’s a requirement for me.

Below are five champagne cocktail recipes from Showmetheyummy. What kind of sparkling wine you use is totally up to you. I actually tend to use the Kirkland Prosecco from Costco most of the time but for NYE’s celebrations I bougie it up with faves from Domain Chandon or Mumm.


A classic champagne cocktail is a beverage made with sugar, bitters, champagne, brandy, and garnished with a maraschino cherry.


  • Raspberry Royale – Chambord (a raspberry liqueur) mixed with champagne.

  • Mimosa – a fruit juice of your choice (grape, cranberry, orange, raspberry lemonade) mixed with champagne.

  • Poinsettia – Cointreau (orange-flavored triple sec liqueur) and cranberry juice mixed with champagne.

  • Classic – Angostura Bitters (concentrated bitters flavored with herbs and spices) mixed with champagne and sweetened with granulated sugar. This is often also served with brandy and a maraschino cherry, so feel free to add those, if desired!

Happy New Year!


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