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Tony Talks

Tony Talks will provide the most up to date guidance on operating with transparency for today and tomorrow’s senior education leaders, with updated releases every Tuesday. Topics will cover timely issues, as well as provide context to help educators in communicating to their stakeholders, and will address options and solutions to support the challenges local districts are facing every day. Enter your email to subscribe to Tony Talks and send Tony your questions.

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Want Tony's take on something? Your questions fuel the conversation in Tony's Talks. Let him know what’s on your mind about student attendance and he’ll respond with proven best practices or strategies that districts like yours find successful.


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Tony Wold, Ed.D. is an Educational Leader with over 30 years of experience as a CBO, in HR & Labor Negotiations, Student Assessment & Curriculum, and Technology Innovations, especially in the EdTech SaaS arena in particular the creation of agnostic software that links multiple data systems together that sit in silos across LEAs.  He currently is serving as the CBO in Residence with School Innovations & Achievement focusing in The Achievement Initiative to support districts on the critical issue of attendance, ADA, and enrollment.

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