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We help school districts effectively inform parents and engage with students around the lifelong habit of showing up.

Making strategic plans make a difference

The Achievement Initiative K-12

With innovative district leaders as our partners, we are creating a culture of achievement starting with a culture of showing up.


  • Our program has proven results

  • We know how to brand your leadership

  • 3-5 year plan built on our 5 principles

  • It starts with software and leadership fundamentals

  • Culture & change management system

  • Continuous improvement model

  • Isolates other issues with parent communication

  • Impacts the entire organization

  • Strategic plan accelerator

Which one are you?

What kind of leader are you?

If you're a leading-edge innovator, we want to talk to you.

Attendance is the education equalizer. Your fellow superintendents have already proven that our software & service solution gets results. We are closing the achievement gap. Let's do this — what are you waiting for?

Great leaders create great cultures for success.


We're supporting leadership at every level throughout the district.

Superintendents · Principals · Directors · Administrators

We've got the campaigns, the effective frequency, the marketing perspective and the best way to integrate purposeful data into your plan.

Components For Success

3-5 Year Plan

Marketing & Messaging Machine

Strategic Plan Accelerator

World-class Software & Service

Culture Change System

Continuous Improvement Model

Actionable Data & Analysis

People communicating together

The Achievement Initiative is an all-encompassing suite of positive messaging campaigns that are powered by our patented, award-winning Attention2Attendance foundation program.

Our Campaigns are targeted, action-based solutions that educate and communicate to parents, students and district staff about why attendance is so crucial for success. With timely data, rigorous execution and positive messaging, each piece of The Achievement Initiative puzzle helps districts strategically inform and engage with parents around the lifelong habit of showing up.

Components of The Achievement Initiative
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Is your mission to make things better?


Create a culture of achievement starting with creating a culture of showing up.

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Attendance and Achievement are inextricably linked.

Attendance is an education equalizer.

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Improving student attendance improves student outcomes.

We are closing the achievement gap for all students.

The Achievement Initiative's proven results

Proven Results

We share the same goal: improving student outcomes.


Through actionable data and a consistent process implemented at all school sites, we're helping K-12 school district leaders make important gains across the board. Together, we are positively impacting the common denominator that equally affects all students: attendance.

Vallejo City USD


We have about a 91 percent attendance rate here. And that may sound okay—until you realize it means that on any given day, 1,000 students are absent. That's not acceptable. 

My goal when I came to Vallejo was to make sure everyone was behind A2A and embraced the program's mission and possibilities.

Livermore Joint USD

Chief Business Official

This company has helped our school district in many ways. All of the campaigns have helped get families to understand the importance of coming to school on time and on a regular basis. We would recommend this company to anyone.

Pajaro Valley Joint USD


This program has strongly improved our communication with parents regarding student attendance as well as their awareness regarding student absences and procedures. It also allows us to quickly see which students' attendance needs attention.

PreK-12 grades

The Achievement Initiative Campaigns:

Focused on Every Student

K-3 Focus Campaign

K-3 Focus Campaign

Habits and reading proficiency

If kids can’t read by the end of third grade, they’re in trouble. Attendance habits are learned in the early years along with the core subjects: that’s when students build the foundation skills to meet reading-level proficiency by the third grade.

Transition Years Campaign

Transition Years Campaign

Parent and student expectations

Kids and their parents don’t know what to expect. Transition year changes are problematic and cause students to lose their way, fall behind and become disengaged.


Beat The Average Campaign

Compare and improve attendance

Absences add up fast. We give parents information to compare and correct misbeliefs about their child's absences and encourage students to improve attendance.

Testing Campaign

Testing Campaign

Improve test scores

Improved attendance means maximizing classroom learning time: Students who are present in the weeks prior to exams and state assessment tests perform better.

Chronic Letter Campaign

Chronic Letter

Awareness = prevention

Let parents know that the number of absences their child has accumulated is of major concern and a red flag that their child is at risk of dropping out.

Excused Absence Conferencing

Excused Absence Conferencing

Connecting schools to families

Bringing together schools and parents to discuss the impact their child’s excused absences are having on their learning time and success in school.

College Readiness Campaign

College Readiness Campaign

Share the wealth of resources

As little as 5 absences can drop a good student’s GPA impacting which college they can attend and significantly increasing their risk of dropping out. Let your students and parents know about the valuable resources your district has to offer.

The Tipping Point Campaign

The Tipping Point Campaign

Influencing positive behavior

Informing parents of the actual number of absences before a student falls too far behind to catch up is pivotal and is shown to positively influence attendance behavior. Be proactive with the largest portion of your enrollment—students who are starting to miss too much.

Excellent Attendance Campaign

Excellent Attendance Campaign

Recognition rocks!

Perfect attendance is a short-lived goal that disappears the day a student is out. Excellent attendance, however, keeps more students focused on positive attendance habits throughout the entire school year.

K-5 Summer Slide Campaign

K-5 Summer Slide Campaign

Lost reading and math skills

Most kids lose about two-months of math and reading skills over the summer break that could be maintained through awareness and fun, interactive activities.

Tardy Intervention Campaign

Tardy Interventions

Awareness = prevention

Let parents know that their child’s continued tardiness is negatively affecting their child’s learning and disrupts the classroom.

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