Making good attendance a priority at Klamath Falls schools

Klamath Falls City Schools, Press Release

Posted: June 2018

A letter from the superintendent:

Nothing gives me more joy as superintendent at Klamath Falls City Schools than visiting a classroom that’s full of energy and anticipation. As educators, we have no greater goal than to see all our students achieve their full potential.

It is with this mission in mind that we’ve undertaken a campaign to get more of our kids to school more often. Attendance has always been a high priority at our district and we have shown some improvements.

Now it’s time for us to take the next step.

Beginning in the fall, Klamath Falls City Schools will launch a new initiative that will blend some new technology along with old-fashioned face-to-face contact.

We will be reaching out to families more than we have in the past when we think a student’s attendance habits are waning. We will be asking questions about what challenges a student might be facing and about the barriers families sometimes encounter in making sure their child is in class.

We will be employing a new web-based attendance management system. The program will not only allow us to do a better job of tracking attendance, it will help us look for early indications that a student might be getting off track.

I cannot stress the importance of good attendance habits. I could tell you about the many studies that prove it, but I think it also comes down to common sense: if a child isn’t in school, he or she cannot take advantage of our highly trained teaching staff, our advanced curriculum or our specialized instruction.

Our hope is that we can partner with families on this endeavor. We understand that challenges come up and we want to help where we can, or bring in other services to fill in the gaps.

Missing school is never harmless. I need to stress this point. Even one day out of class puts a student behind and makes the path to success that much harder.

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