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86.5% of Ontario-Montclair SD's students get help in General Ed: WATCH VIDEO

Over the years, the number of special education referrals have spiked. Most districts are seeing a rise in both special education costs and enrollment numbers, while seeing an overall decline in enrollment.
Solving these issues will require a shift in thinking.

After years of actively helping districts examine their programs, we’ve concluded that implementing a comprehensive Pre-referral Process in general education, controlling the entry point into the special education system,
is the only viable solution.

That is why we developed Partnering4StudentSuccess; workflow-driven software that replaces the outdated paper process with a Web-based solution for teachers, principals and administrators. For the first time, districts can begin to realistically manage general education interventions and give their teachers immediate classroom support.

  • Increase parent communication and engagement

  • Raise student achievement for all students

  • Comprehensive classroom interventions

  • Standardize pre-referral practices

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Success Stories

Partnering4SpecialEd brings savings, performance to San Mateo

Among the major findings was that the district had been over-identifying students with speech and language impairments. Simply identifying the problem led to a more consistent evaluation process supported by improved protocols and checklists.

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Make your grant funds improve SST and student outcomes

Special Education numbers have spiked – the Governor is proposing a grant to help districts fund a solution.

  • Solve

    Immediate general education classroom support

  • Manage

    Consistent interventions in real-time

  • Prompt

    Appropriate intervention techniques

  • Secure

    Student data and document repository


Standardize Procedures

  • Districtwide pre-referral practices
  • Consistent interventions
  • Process, Oversight, Measurement


  • Raise student performance
  • Reduce ineligible referrals
  • Reduce risks of litigation

Promote Inclusion

  • Maximum exposure to general ed curriculum
  • Refine identification process
  • Promote self-worth & life-long success


Teacher Tools

  • Immediate help in the classroom
  • Comprehensive intervention strategies
  • Inclusive practices

Matrix Of Interventions

  • Categorized approaches
  • Research-based techniques
  • Aligns with PBIS

Parent Communication

  • Increase positive parent engagement
  • Provide relevant explanations
  • Support sound decision-making

Application FAQs

    We currently work with over 12 commercial School Information Systems both hosted and locally installed.  We also work with a number of custom developed School Information Systems.  So far we haven’t met an School Information System we couldn’t work with.

    Absolutely! We can work with your district to determine how to best meet your needs, we can pick-up from where you left off with your referrals, or start brand new. Talk with us to see what works best for you.

    Typical implementation is 2-3 weeks. We will meet with your district team to outline the implementation process and ensure that at each step everyone knows exactly what has been accomplished and what steps remain. Our goal is to impact your staff’s time as little as possible, while building a lasting relationship.

    Partnering4StudentSuccessSM will:
    • Offer instructional, curricular, or behavioral strategies for teachers
    • Eliminate the cumbersome and disjointed paper-forms
    • Standardize district-wide procedures to ensure implementation of interventions
    • Provide centralized data storage of interventions, parent communications, meetings, etc.
    • Compliment and support your efforts to assist struggling learners