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Districts have a fiduciary responsibility when it comes to mandate programs.

The mandate program is more relevant today than ever before. School insurance carriers are concerned about districts not paying attention to mandates. This is not surprising since mandates can be grouped into categories like “Health & Safety” and “Human Resources”—the same categories their policies insure against.

Risk Management

Mandates cover very sensitive and litigious topics. When accepting the block grant, districts are affirming that they are complying with all 45 mandate programs. The mandate program is about good governance and making sure that the right ongoing strategies are in place to mitigate risk.

SI&A ensures your district will have all of the components of a successful risk management program.

  1. Independent Third-Party Program Review
    A comprehensive review is necessary to mitigate risks. Knowing the health of your programs means taking a deep dive into exactly what’s being done and where.
    SI&A’s independent review includes:
    • Conducting interviews at the district office and at 100 percent of your schools
    • Performing a review of all 45 mandates to discover any deficiencies
    • Establishing a baseline from the first year to determine tailored trainings and an Action Plan
    • Over the years, we’ll fine-tune your ongoing trainings and Action Plan
  2. Comprehensive School Safety Plan Review Report
    We are here to help districts deal with the increase in threats and occurrences of violence in schools with a full review of each site’s safety plan to determine compliance and training needs—at no extra charge. This service is instrumental in streamlining the annual review and update of your safety plans. In addition, we are happy to provide sample verbiage for certain sections, if needed.
    • Safety plans audited and reviewed for compliance with updated Ed. Code requirements
    • District office and site interviews conducted
    • You’ll receive a Comprehensive School Safety Plan Review Report that includes a district summary along with a site detail report for each school identifying content areas that may need additional attention
    • You’ll also receive a Comprehensive School Safety Plan Compliance Checklist job aide for your schools to use as they refine their plans
  3. SI&A’s Solution for Notifying Teachers
    We gave one exceptionally problematic mandate special attention. Through continuous training and processes, we are able to get our district partners “into the green” on program reviews—with the exception of this one. The fact is, there is a startling increase in violence against teachers. The Notification to Teachers mandate exists because of these unsettling statistics. This issue is bigger than a mandate—it directly affects school climate, culture and confidence. During our 14-plus years serving school districts, we have found that the majority of districts reviewed were not fully complying with this mandate. And because of the high-level of risk associated with this mandate, we added an element to our program to keep your teachers informed with automatic behavior alerts, which are automatically tracked and reported.

  4. Ed. Code Training
    We like to ask, “If we aren’t training your staff, who is?” In the past, mandate vendors trained district staff around the mandates, but the majority of districts that take the block grant have not reallocated people and resources to ongoing Ed. Code trainings.
    SI&A makes training a strategic priority in reducing risk:
    • With our technology and expertise, we identify, notify, schedule, document, follow-up and report back on trainings for your staff
    • We train your entire district staff including 100 percent of your sites
    • Using your program review as a baseline, we’ll customize your training program
    • All existing and incoming staff will be trained on an ongoing basis
    • We produce an annual Supplemental Training Report which details the status on all trainings conducted
  5. Maintain Processes with SI&A Custom Action Plan
    We also like to ask, “If we aren’t documenting the process, who is?” To maintain operations, a district must have effective processes in place to perform these activities despite varying levels of expertise. Over the years, we’ve had more than 70 percent of districts in California as clients, and it has been our experience that no one is tasked with documenting processes.
    SI&A supports this effort by:
    • Documenting processes
    • Identifying areas of needed improvement
    • Preparing and providing a customized Action Plan to shore up deficiencies


Financial Accountability

SI&A ensures your district will have all of the elements of a solid financial accountability plan.

  1. Filing claims that are outside the block grant
    - Fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility to collect on the debt owned by filing claims that are not included in the block grant
  2. Filing first-time claims (also outside the block grant)
    - Brand-new mandates can be tricky
    - SI&A is the only company with experts who understand the nuances of filing first-time claims
    - We track them through Parameters & Guidelines (P&Gs) and claiming instructions. Our mandate expert attends all Commission on State Mandates (COSM) hearings and is well respected by the state controller’s office.
  3. Having audit support
    - All claims are reviewed against a rigorous 13-component compliance standard
    - We have a 94 percent audit success rate!


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