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Safety. Climate. Confidence.

There are startling statistics about increasing violence in the classroom. According to the U.S. Department of Education, in the 2011-12 school year:

  • 197,400 (5.8%) of K-12 public school teachers were physically attacked at school
    • Physically attacked includes being hit, kicked, bitten, slapped, stabbed or shot
  • 338,400 (9.9%) of K-12 public school teachers were threatened by students with acts of violence

That translates to an average of 1,105 teachers being attacked every day. And these numbers are going up every year – there has been a 34.5% increase in the number of attacks against teachers since 2007-08.

Districts can take steps now to protect their teachers and themselves in the case of a lawsuit.


Oversight & data analysis Automatic emails are sent directly to teachers Teachers stay informed about only their students
  • Administrative and teacher dashboard views
  • Admin sees individual activity details and trends per school
  • Flexibility to send email reminders
  • Current Attention2Attendance partners link directly between the two software programs
  • Private and secure notifications
  • Auto updates from the district’s student information system
  • Ongoing email notifications throughout the year for newly enrolled students or class roster changes
  • Welcome and reminder emails
  • Student suspension or expulsion notifications
  • Any potential behavioral threat notifications
  • Current and prior three-year  student disciplinary information, as required


Teachers need to know.

Typically a contractual obligation within teachers’ union contracts, districts must notify teachers of a student’s prior three-year disciplinary history, and failure to do so is a misdemeanor.
Stack the odds in your favor with Behavior Alert, the automatic notification to teachers.

It’s simply good governance – every district can protect their defensible postion with SI&A today!