Closing the Graduation Gap

Compare national and The Achievement Initiative graduation rate averages.

Independently verified data from 21 diverse school districts over 7 years.

Graduation gap is closing


Our school district partners achieve the extraordinary!

We believe that attendance is the education equalizer. As we developed and perfected our program, we learned that the achievement gap has less to do with ethnicity, gender, economics or geography, and more to do with students being present and accounted for.

To support our schools and our students, we developed a program to deliver consistent and timely notifications, sent in a student’s home language. Built on a continuous improvement model, we achieve 100 percent user acceptance—a rare feat in the world of software—demonstrating our commitment to service and to each district’s success. Dedicated account managers use comparative analysis, trends, disaggregated data and year-over-year results to determine what’s working and where improvement opportunities lie. Absences go down, and learning time goes up.

This is not another study—or a small cherry-picked data set—it’s a proven, patented enterprise solution. When we compare national and The Achievement Initiative graduation rate averages by ethnicity, it is easy to see that our school district partners are closing the gap. We are the sole source for this program. No other company can show the same results.

The Achievement Initiative is helping improve attendance and recapture learning time for K-12 students across the country.

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Independently verified data from an outcomes analysis of the effectiveness of The Achievement Initiative that included 21 diverse school districts over seven consecutive years.