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Attention2Attendance (A2A) is the foundation of The Achievement Initiative.

  • Early warning and intervention system
  • Patented attendance and conferencing management program
  • Increases learning time for all students
  • Improves school site and parent relationships
  • Removes administrative burden from staff
  • Enhances school culture and climate


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The foundation of The Achievement Initiative

At the foundation of The Achievement Initiative is Attention2Attendance (A2A), a software and service solution, which has assisted more than 2 million schoolchildren in California, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon and Texas, recouping more than 490,000 instructional days of learning time.

We are rewriting how districts approach achievement. Once our program is fully implemented (three to four weeks), student absences go down, and learning time goes up. Built on a continuous improvement model, our program improves attendance 100 percent of the time. Since 2007, we’ve fine-tuned our partnership with the school districts we serve: We achieve 100 percent user acceptance—a rare feat in the world of software—demonstrating our commitment to service and to each district’s success in our program. Dedicated account managers use comparative analysis, trending, disaggregated data and year-over-year results to determine what’s working and where improvement opportunities lie. Our unique combination of award-winning service, rigor and intuitive software ensure continuous improvement for districts across the country with Attention2Attendance.

Early Warning and Intervention System

  • Consistent process across all schools
  • Attendance improvement 100 percent of the time
  • Rigorous service built on a continuous improvement model
  • Independently verified results—we’re closing the graduation gap!


District oversight with local control

  • Dashboard display for easy overview
  • Six different attendance intervention letters produced and mailed
  • Communications go out in each family’s home language
  • If the school doesn’t want a letter to go out, they simply click a box!
  • Conference management
  • Bulk and auto scheduling
  • District staff can monitor student and parent outreach at all schools in real time

Attendance analysis and reporting

  • Timely, comparative and actionable data
    • By: school, grade level, absence type, absence ranges, subgroups and more
  • Reports dashboard
  • One-click self-serve reports
  • In-person presentations to leadership and board

Perfect blend of software and service

  • Dedicated implementation and service teams
  • Unlimited online training, job aides, data alerts, “Communiqué” and “Did You Know?” technical support emails
  • Recognition program for district and school staff members
  • Live Help Desk


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