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See how easy it is for your teachers

P4SS breaks out Concerns into 7 Categories

  • Depending on the concern, P4SS automatically narrows down the pre-loaded 500+ research-based interventions so teachers can easily choose the best intervention to apply


See what replacing your paper-driven process looks like

P4SS guides you through the process:

1. Starts in the classroom by providing teachers with research-based help

  • Student and Concern(s) are identified

  • Based on the concern, intervention(s) determined

  • Review period is established 

  • Progress Checks completed


2. If outcome can’t be achieved in the classroom setting

  • Set up Team 

  • Re-evaluate and determine additional concerns and interventions  

  • Formalize fidelity checks to monitor progress towards goal

  • If determined that goal cannot be met in the team setting, the student moves to Final Review for Evaluation for Special Education


of students got the interventions that worked in either classroom or team setting!

When utilizing P4SS...

case study


See how oversight and fidelity is built in



From the P4SS Dashboard, at a glance:

  • Administrators can easily see that there are 660 students with pre-referral interventions started 

    • 339 of these are happening in the CLASSROOM setting

    • 289 are happening in the TEAM setting and 

    • 32 are in final review for a Special Education Evaluation 

  • Administrators can easily see what student concern types have been identified by teachers and/or teams


fidelity checks are built in


P4SS tracks everything that is required for fidelity

  • Duration

  • Outcomes – progress made, target met, target not met

  • Comments

  • Next Action


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