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Why AMS #2: System Design Matters

Part 2 of a 7-part series: 7 reasons why K-12 education is investing in an Attendance Management System (AMS).

The majority of districts implement personnel-driven processes relying on disjointed software: auto-dialers, chat bots, and individual user technical levels, resulting in wasted resources and unreliable and inconsistent results. While text messages are fast, they also are easily ignored, forgotten, or deleted. Consistent mail-based messaging that is visible to the parents is essential in building improved attendance habits.

An effective AMS is designed with consistent processes that have rigor and fidelity across all schools. It never gets sick or take the day off. This isn’t to say that implementing a robust AMS is a silver bullet, our challenges won’t change overnight. But when we focus on the fundamentals – implementing an enterprise solution – we effectively change processes that can lead the way to behavior/culture changes through a systematic approach.


Part 3 next week: Staff Get More Time

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