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  • Erica Peterson

The Evolution of K-12 Education Systems

Introduction to a 7-Part Series

The pandemic has permanently altered our normal, and it’s going to take a long-term plan to get students back on track.

If we understand systems design and its purpose, then we understand that a systems approach is not only necessary, it’s a fundamental for closing gaps.

Education is a series of systems, from macro level: national and state systems, to micro: districts and campus levels. Within those systems, district have a Student Information System (SIS), a Management Information System (MIS) for HR/Business, and utilize a Special Education Management System (e.g. electronic IEP management).

Districts have an opportunity to expand their capabilities with an Attendance Management System (AMS) much in the way that districts have expanded their instructional delivery options by adopting Learning Management Systems (LMS).

This is the introduction to a 7 part series on why K12 Education is investing in Attendance Management Systems; check back weekly to learn why an AMS is necessary for student achievement.

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