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  • Erica Peterson

New Small School District Solution to Combat Absenteeism

One of the key findings from our statewide attendance data analysis was the disproportionate impact of rising chronic absence rates on small-enrollment districts. I live in a county where all but one district has less than 3,000 students districtwide. The educators who work at these districts are dedicated to kids. They face a unique set of challenges and often wear many hats to accomplish them.

Their accountability requirements are the same as those in larger districts, but there are few hands to get the job done. With so many small school districts asking us for attendance supports, custom tracking and positive communications at their scale, we’ve just launched The Achievement Initiative SMALLS, fueled by Attention2Attendance® —a powerful (easy) technology solution for data and fl­exibility that DOESN’T ask for more people-power.

Dr. Josh Randall, Assistant Superintendent at Sulphur Springs Union School District, knows all too well the importance of looking at attendance data in a variety of ways, and why working with A2A checks all the boxes for data, efficiency and connecting with families to get at the heart of the matter. He says, “Good attendance data allows for rich conversations.” – See Dr. Randall’s short video clip

As you work to rebound from closures and restore a semblance of normal, our program for small districts fills a fundamental need—access to the best data tool to support attendance improvements with customized data tracking, reporting and tiered interventions.

As always, send an email to to learn more.

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