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  • Erica Peterson

Let's connect!

School closures and distance learning have created a whole new set of challenges for K-12 school district leaders. We're seeing the digital divide—which translates into a huge number of missing students—and facing real concerns over lost learning time and lack of student engagement.

This blog will explore your questions (email me at and connect you with proven strategies and best practices. Your questions fuel the conversation; let me know what’s on your mind about student attendance and help shape future posts. Send me your questions now!

It is an incredible feeling to put my experience to work for you and your students.

It is an incredible feeling to put my experience to work for you and your students. I am on a mission to close the equity gap and improve student outcomes. Along with being an associate member liaison to the California Association of School Business Officials and a member of the California Department of Education’s “Closing the Achievement Gap” task force, I am an active advocate of community outreach for schools nationwide.

With nearly two decades at SI&A, I draw experience from my longstanding relationships and involvement with education organizations like CSBA, COSA, TASA, and CASCWA, to share successful strategies with other districts. I've worked with hundreds of K-12 school district executives providing solution consulting in the areas of school attendance, organizational effectiveness and communication, special education, and state mandated program compliance. I am a passionate champion for children and recipient of the California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare & Attendance’s “Friend of CASCWA” award.

Thank you for the opportunity to connect and support our students!

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