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Going Beyond Cuts

While we aren’t taking a vacation, Newport Beach is certainly a beautiful locale for the California Association of School Business Officials’ annual CBO Symposium being held there this week. With our deep commitment to education, SI&A sponsors the CBO Mentor program so that mentors and mentees can attend this learning event. Front of mind for every CBO across the state is surely what experts are calling a looming “fiscal cliff” due to statewide attendance and enrollment losses.

As districts brace for budget cuts it is critically important to understand the key drivers = accelerated drops in enrollment and a dramatic increase in chronic absenteeism. As reductions and redlines in district budgets are announced next month, the progressive business professionals will go beyond the “cuts only approach” and implement revenue generating solutions that improves attendance.

If you are at the symposium, stop by and say, “Hi” to our team. They are happy to share their ideas on successful revenue generation strategies.

SI&A Team and partner at CASBO CBO Symposium
From L-R: Katrina Madden, Ojai USD; Erik Elorriagia, SI&A; ByronThomas, SI&A; Steven Ritter, SI&A

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