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  • Erica Peterson

Enjoy Summer Travel with Kids

As a mom to a newly minted two-year-old. I am ready to show my little one the world. Below are some curated tips and tricks from my local mom’s club for traveling with kids.

  1. Take your time. Avoid booking flights with tight connections. Allow time for snack and restroom breaks as well as travel time between gates/terminals when booking connections.

  2. Get a credit card that rewards your vacation spending. Chase Sapphire has the best travel perks according to the moms.

  3. Bring a tablet. Tablets don’t have to be expensive (hint: Walmart). Preload them with educational games and favorite movies. Don’t forget their earbuds.

  4. Bring lots of snacks and activity toys. If screen time is not your thing (though I solidly believe long trips should be an exception), moms recommend window clings for car and airplane trips (they stick the back of plane seats), blue painters tape to make tracks on the airplane tray, lollipops to help with ear pressure, and take a trip to your local library to check out new books.

  5. Splurge on TSA pre-check for faster check-in and pay for early boarding.

  6. Travel light. Check your bags and car seat (unless using onboard) and have kids carry backpacks with all of their needs during a flight. Gate check your stroller.

  7. Bring your own car seat. Moms all agree that renting a car seat is more trouble than it’s worth. Aside from a lack of familiarity with installation, cleanliness was a top issue. If you need to bring a car seat on board a plane, get a backpack-style carrying case to take it through the airport with you.

  8. Give the kids a camera. There is nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a child and it keeps them occupied!

I hope these tips will help make your trip with your kids a little easier so you can enjoy making memories of a lifetime!

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