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  • Erica Peterson

Coming soon to a County Office of Education near you

Effectively shut down this year, the CA Dashboard had been the “yardstick” data districts used as a comparative measure for planning and goal setting purposes. While always reporting a year behind, the Dashboard won’t be updated with chronic absence data until 2022.

This data vacuum has led SI&A to fill the gap. Earlier this year the California Department of Education asked SI&A to run a preliminary chronic absence analysis. (Charts below.) We surveyed 33 districts across the state comprising 350,000 students, first in the fall when the initial request was made, and then again at the end of December 2020.

Both reports have prompted webinars and media articles but more importantly, and central to our mission, requests from county offices of education to walk their districts through the report as they begin the work updating their LCAPs and building their reopening plans.

So today’s post is an official invitation to all CA county offices of education, email me at to schedule a 30 minute web-presentation of the statewide attendance data patterns and chronic absence trends during an upcoming countywide LEA meeting.

During the meeting, I’ll share both large scale and more specific data trends including chronic absence rates by grade, district enrollment size, ethnicity, Free & Reduced lunch status, English-language learner status and more.

Schedule your data delivery today! Email me at

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