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Helping more teachers help their students.

86.5% of students got the intervention that worked!

There's a different path for teachers and Student Support Teams to realistically manage pre-referral interventions in general education classrooms.

Built with Patented Technology

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Implementation in 4 weeks

Training program

Workflow fits district needs

Replaces paper-driven process

Queues up next steps

Fidelity checks at each stage

Track student progress

> Oversight & Culture Change

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500+ Intervention library

Practical teacher tools

Research-based strategies

Wide spectrum of concerns

Best practices

Results-oriented methods

Collaborative problem-solving

> Teacher Tools: PRIM Manual Obsolete

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Securely manage interventions

Protect pre-referral records

Safeguard student data

Team assessments made easy

Privately share team files

Password-protected access

Private communications

> Training & Support

Made, managed and maintained in America.

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Webinar 03-20-19


86.5% of students got the intervention that worked

Behind every student success, there is a teacher success: A teacher who had the right tools, right when they needed them.


Five years ago, the leadership at Ontario-Montclair SD gave their teachers and Student Support Team (SST) a much-needed technology solution that aligned with PBIS and their multi-tiered strategy—on one platform—to easily and securely plan, track and collaborate for student success. And their results are simply remarkable!

As special education costs & enrollment rise

so does the need for general education support

Now K-12 school districts can give their teachers practical classroom solutions for struggling students. Partnering4StudentSuccess consistently manages effective interventions to decrease the number of ineligible referrals.

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Collaborative problem-solving made easy.

School districts are struggling to manage referrals to special education. The problem has outgrown the old, cumbersome binder and paper method. Student Support Teams (SSTs) need a technology solution where team members from different disciplines can easily and securely plan, track and collaborate for student success.

Partnering4StudentSuccess is a work-flow driven software that allows teams or individuals to track each student's progress and manage student records in one location, following one consistent process, and with high levels of student data security.

How It Works



  • Easy overview

  • Admin and teacher views

  • Guided workflow

  • Next-step prompts

  • One-click intervention library

  • Auto-populates with student data

  • Fidelity checks at each stage

  • 504-tracking capabilities

  • Document uploads

  • Clean case files

  • Ensures a consistent pre-referral process across the entire school district

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  • Meaningful analysis and reporting

  • Timely reporting by school, grade level, concern type, intervention strategy, subgroups and more

  • Comparative analysis

  • Actionable data

  • Reports dashboard

  • Self-serve reports

  • Results-oriented to help reduce ineligible referrals

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  • More than 500 interventions

  • Immediate help in the general education classroom

  • Strategies to effectively support struggling students

  • Track student progress

  • No dual data entry

  • Secure electronic file sharing with Student Support Team (SST) members

  • Unlimited online training, job aides, fidelity check alerts, and technical support

The future looks brighter when kids stay in regular classrooms

Need specialized services?

Students have remarkably higher outcomes when services are offered in tandem with their regular general education classes.

Teachers love having a few new tricks up their sleeve

But wouldn't you say

500-plus interventions

is more than a few?

Teachers have an exhaustive library of proven interventions

at their fingertips.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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